100% Pasture Raised – Grass Finished Angus beef.  PA Member – American Grassfed Association. Grass Fed Beef NY, NJ & PA.  

At WindSwept Angus, animals are raised on our farm receiving the most humane treatment as they graze organic pastures and enjoy the clean air, clean water and natural beauty of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Our “Pure” Grass Fed Angus beef is the unique product of this exceptional environment.  Our animals are 100% Pasture Raised eating ONLY natural growing grasses and drinking nature’s purest water so you can enjoy the tastiest, most healthy, highest quality, Grass Finished beef available.

No steroids, hormones or enhancers of any type are ever used.

Our beef is available by the Quarter, Half and Full share.  All beef is USDA Inspected for your safety.



Please contact us to reserve your share

WindSwept Angus, LLC

393 Pas Road, Ulster, PA 18850



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for raising cattle correctly! We are also all natural grass fed beef farmers. We joined the Adirondack Grazers co-op but they have recently changed all their rules without letting their members know. The price went from $3.50-3.80 hanging weigh to around $3.05. We are waiting to see what the market brings towards fall. We have been direct marketing ourselves selling at $3.50/lb hanging weight. Just thought I would let you know about Adirondack Grazer in case it would help you out in selling a larger number of cattle at a decent price. We have 30 to sell next fall one way or another!

    Harebit Beef

    • I work for Simply Grazin,LLC and we are always looking for grass-fed beef. We look for finished beef or feeder calves. If you need to sell animals feel free to reach out to us.

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