WindSwept Angus LLC

        Humanely Raised – Grass Finished Angus beef.  PA Member – American Grassfed Association. Grass Fed Beef NY, NJ & PA.  

At WindSwept Angus, our animals are 100% Pasture Raised and Grass Finished and never fed growth hormones, enhancers or antibiotics.  Our  beef is high in omega-3 oils, rich in vitamins and minerals and all beef is USDA Inspected.

 WindSwept Angus Grass Fed beeves eat ONLY natural growing grasses so you can enjoy the tastiest, most healthy, highest quality Grass Finished beef available.

Our beef is available by the Quarter, Half and Full share.



Please contact us with any questions or to reserve your share. Thank you.

WindSwept Angus, LLC

393 Pas Road, Ulster, PA 18850


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