WindSwept Angus beef is 100% pasture raised, Grass Fed and Grass Finished, on our family farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We raise our animals in a safe, clean, natural environment which produce healthy, well-conditioned animals and ensures the highest quality beef available.

 Pricing is $3.00/lb. Hanging Weight and the cost of processing/butchering at Bryan’s Meat Cutting has averaged @$0.75/lb. Hanging Weight.

 Premium Grass Finished Angus beef is available by the Quarter, Half and Full Share.

We would be happy to assist you throughout the process; please contact us with any questions or to arrange a purchase. Thank you.

WindSwept Angus, LLC

393 Pas Road, Ulster, PA 18850


2 thoughts on “Pricing”

  1. The beef cost of $3.00/lb. “Hanging Weight” plus the butchering cost of $0.75/lb. “Hanging Weight” refers to the beef prior to trimming and butchering. Since the beef is custom butchered per the instructions of each customer the actual yield of “Finished Weight”may vary.

    The $5.30/lb. is the average “Finished Weight” price that our customers have paid. “Finished Weight” refers to the total pounds of beef you receive after butchering, this is the actual weight of beef you would pick up from the butcher. As an example, if you left the butcher with 100 lbs. of beef the cost would be approximately $530.00.
    (The $5.30/lb. would be the average cost of all the beef you received, steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc.)

    In the example above , 141 lbs. “Hanging Weight” would yield 100 lbs. “Finished Weight”.

    If you have any other questions or wish to discuss this further, please contact me at your convenience. Thank you.

  2. WindSwept Angus beef is sold by the 1/4 , 1/2 or whole animal, we do not sell individual retail cuts. However, two butchers I know who do sell Grass Fed beef are Primal Supply Meats in Philadelphia, PA and Bryan’s Meat Cutting in Milan, PA. They are both excellent butchers who can help you. Thank you.

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